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Global Ship Solutions Inc. (GSS Inc.) is a proud Canadian company working in the shipbuilding industry and is the representative of DETEGASA Europe in Canada.
DETEGASA designs, manufacture and markets High-Tech Water and Waste Management Solutions for Navy, Marine & Offshore Industries, providing integrated support through all the product lifetime.
DETEGASA has two production facilities located in Europe and manufactures 100% of its products there, while still providing some of the most quality-price competitive equipment in the market.
One of the main advantages of DETEGASA is an effective blend of experience and knowledge, that allows the company to get involved in projects with the strictest requirements such as hazardous area regulations, ASME standards, shock and vibration requirements for navy vessels, and also with the most stringent notations in regards to marine pollution prevention from IMO and the different Classification Societies. Renowned ship-owners in the Far East, Europe and South America have chosen DETEGASA units as the most reliable equipment for their fleet. Compliance with a wide range of Classification Societies and Class Notations, extensive and comprehensive after-sales service and the company’s ongoing commitment to protect the environment make DETEGASA the perfect choice for commercial vessels.
  1. Sewage Treatment Plant
  2. Bilge Water Separator
  3. Ballast Water Management System
  4. Galley and Laundry Equipment.
  5. Food Treatment System
       • Pulper
       • Hydroextractor
       • Grease Trap
  6. Incinerator
  7. Shredder Compactor
  8. Reverse Osmosis Plant
       • Fresh Water
       • Technical Water
  9. Fresh and Technical Water Treatment Systems.
       • Fresh Water Chlorination.
       • UV Sterilizers.
       • Hydrophore Groups.
       • Fresh Water Heaters
  10. Fuel Heaters for Gas Turbine.
  11. Fire Fighting Stations for AFFF Foam.
  12. Helicopter Refueling Systems.
  13. AEGIS Antenna Cooling System.
  14. Electronic Equipment Cooling Systems. Foldable Bulwarks.
  15. High-Pressure Air Bottles.
  16. Low and Medium Pressure Air Bottles.

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Global Ship Solutions Inc.
(GSS Inc.) is a Canadian shipbuilding and marine client representative company. With combined shipbuilding experience of 80 years, GSS Inc. is well-equipped to act as a driving engine into the success of the construction and life-cycle support of shipbuilding Projects.